Intensive English: 360° English

15-30 hours per week
Monday to Friday (1-50 weeks)
6 students
B2, C1, C2

Fully develop your general and professional English language skills with superb teachers in a mini-group of 6 international adult students. Your 360° English course continues beyond the classroom with an exciting cultural immersion evening programme. Combine with private lessons to create your perfect tailor-made English course!


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Small Group English Course

These days, it’s essential to be competent in English in both work and daily life.  We need to compete in a global marketplace and interact confidently and enjoyably with people from across the world.  With that in mind, Venture English has designed 360° English to help you become better at real-life English in a range of interpersonal and professional contexts.  We even extend your learning beyond the classroom by including in your course fees an exciting cultural immersion evening programme!

You can take full-time 360° English (25 hours), or choose part-time (15 hours) General English or Professional English.  You can also combine this small group English course with private lessons so that you can prepare for a Cambridge or IELTS exam, receive individual language tuition for your specific profession, or explore the hidden highlights of Edinburgh while conversing with your teacher!  It’s your choice.

Course Outline

Language Lab | 9.30-11.30am

During Language Lab, you will focus on developing essential general English, especially natural expressions, vocabulary and grammar, as well as speaking fluency and pronunciation.  Classes involve discussions, language analysis and activities based around topical issues, from news items and documentaries to approaches in psychology and developments in environmental science.  You will use real-life materials, such as articles and videos, so that you can experience real language in context.  To support your in-class learning, you’ll be set reading and writing homework and given tips and exercises to develop language weaknesses.

Project Workshop | 11.45am-12.45pm

Project Workshop is a highly effective immersion learning experience in which students engage in team projects and presentations that simulate the workplace and other group contexts.  This daily workshop aims to help you put into practise and improve both your general and professional English skills.  You will collaborate in a group to achieve a shared goal, such as a sales pitch, a podcast or documentary, a TED-like presentation, or a short performance or film.  As you work together, you will discover gaps in your English vocabulary and grammar which your teacher will help you fill, ensuring that the next time you need to communicate an idea, you will have the language to do so.

Professional Communication | 1.45-3.45pm

In Professional Communication, improve your English for work.  Your teacher, a business English specialist, will train you in appropriate language use for a range of professional contexts, such as meetings, negotiations, conflict resolution, phoning, emailing, marketing, HR and management.  As professional English communication involves using the appropriate ‘style’ (i.e. formal vs. informal), you will practise different approaches to communicating with clients, colleagues and senior staff.  You will learn through business English materials, practical activities, simulations and assignments.

Why choose Venture English?

  • We keep our classes small (6 students) so that you can receive more focused support from your teacher than is possible in larger groups, while still enjoying a more affordable course than private lessons.
  • Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, as well as fascinating people with broad interests who have a lot of life experience to bring into the classroom.
  • We’re perfectly situated for you to continue your 360° experience even after class, as Venture English is at Summerhall, Edinburgh’s most adventurous arts, events and education venue!

What level is the course?

The course is available at B2 and C1/C2 (upper-intermediate and advanced/proficiency).

What course combinations can I choose?

360° English (25 hours) = Language Lab + Project Workshop + Professional Communication. £334* per week

General English only (15 hours) = Language Lab + Project Workshop. £221* per week

Professional English only (15 hours) = Professional Communication + Project Workshop. £221* per week

*Course fees include two cultural immersion activities per week.

Can I combine a group course with private lessons?

Yes, and when you book 5 or 10 hours of private English lessons in combination with a group course, you will receive a discount:

+ 1 hour Private Lessons. £45

+ 5 hours Private Lessons. £185 (normally £225)

+ 10 hours Private Lessons. £330 (normally £450)

Is there a registration fee?

No.  There are no extra charges for your course, enrollment or materials – you pay only what you see above.

How long can I study for?

You can take the course for just one week or the whole year.  We have no minimum or maximum duration.

How old are the students?

Our students are over 18, and ages typically range from 26 to 45.  The average age in 2016 was 34.

Where are the students from?

Everywhere!  We have welcomed students from over 30 countries.  In 2016, our majority nationalities were Swiss, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese.

How many students are in class?

We offer specialised mini-group classes to ensure you get the best possible opportunity to improve and use your English, which means there will be 2 to 6 students per class.

Is there a cultural activity programme?

Yes.  Included in your course fees are two activities per week so that you can socialise in English with teachers and other students while experiencing Scottish culture and lifestyle.  Example activities are live folk music in a traditional whisky bar, a walk up extinct volcano Arthur’s Seat, or a visit to a historical coastal village near Edinburgh.  You can also arrange extra activities by attending events at Summerhall, joining a Meetup group, or checking out events guide, The List.

Venture English can arrange homestays with independent hosts for students who want to study with us, typically for 1-8 weeks.

We have carefully chosen local hosts who are warm and friendly, close to school (5-30 minutes by bus or on foot) and have comfortable, pleasant homes where you can study, relax and socialise in English.

You can use the kitchen to prepare meals, chill out in the living room, have a hot shower day or night, access the internet via wifi, and practise your English with your host.

Prices for bed and breakfast with a local host start at £180 per week.  Our one-time fee for arranging your homestay is £35.

Arrange Your Own Accommodation
When we travel, we want accommodation that suits our budget and taste, so we always use Airbnb. With Airbnb, you can choose the kind of accommodation, place and price that suits you.

For more information about arranging your own short-term and long-term accommodation in Edinburgh, read our full accommodation guide.

Product Enquiry

How to Book

To book your group course or private lesson(s), you need to make full payment.  Places are limited, so early booking is strongly recommended.

You can pay online via Paypal (including credit or debit card) or bank transfer (BACS or  If you prefer to pay in cash, simply arrange to visit Venture English to make payment.  Your booking is only confirmed when we receive your full payment.

At checkout, you can tell us which dates you want to book, and any other information.

If you have any questions before you book, just ask – we’re happy to help!

What Happens Next?

When we receive your payment, we will email you confirmation of your course booking.

We will then ask you to fill out a needs analysis so that we know more about your study aims and interests.  We may arrange a face-to-face or Skype chat to assess your English level and discuss your course.


Venture English reserves the right to cancel a course in circumstances outside of our control or, in the case of group courses, when fewer than three students have enrolled. Full payment will be refunded when a course cannot be provided.

If you cancel your course:

  • more than 28 days before its commencement, all payment will be refunded, minus any bank transfer or administration fees.
  • between 28 and 14 days before its commencement, 50% of your course fees will be refunded, minus any bank transfer or administration fees.
  • less than 14 days before its commencement, or if you withdraw from the course having started it, no payment will be returned.

For further information, see our Terms & Conditions.