15th March 2017

Teaching Approach

How we teach…

How we teach depends very much on you. We adapt our style and lesson content to the needs, objectives and interests of our students.

At the heart of our teaching approach is a communicative, interactive focus. That means you do a lot of talking from day one, and never just grammar!

Grammar, of course, is essential, but the best way to learn it effectively is not just to memorise and practise the structures, but to understand when and how to use them.

The simplest way to do that is to read, write, listen and especially speak, using real contexts with a teacher to support and correct you.

For that reason, at Venture English we blend lessons with real-life experiences. In some cases, this means enjoying topical discussions, projects or simulations; in others, it means meeting locals, going on excursions or doing your favourite activities, all immersed in English!

Many language schools offer activity programmes as a way to help you practise your English. The difference at Venture English is that we see interactive activities as perfect learning opportunities in themselves.

We represent a unique blend of years of classroom learning – in the role of both teacher and student – mixed with holistic approaches to education that take into account the broader ways in which we learn and grow. Whatever your language needs, we’ll discuss your objectives and interests and agree a learning programme that suits you.

We’re proud to be a little different, to push the boundaries of learning English, and to keep things interesting. We’re proud to offer you the chance to experience a language adventure!