16th February 2015

Our Story

The best English school in Edinburgh?

I was hiking in the Dolomites in 2013, practising my elementary Italian with everyone I met, when it struck me: English schools are doing things wrong.

I had been an English teacher since 2001 and worked in numerous schools across four continents, but everywhere I looked, English teaching was only happening in the classroom.

Yet it’s when we’re doing real-life activities – shopping, travelling, team projects, meetings, adventures – that our language skills truly develop.  Because when we’re ‘doing real life’, we have a real-life need for specific and accurate language.  And when we face that problem then work out how to solve it, we remember better.

My mountaintop realisation led to me founding Venture English in early 2014.  At its core, Venture English aims to provide experiential English language learning, with talented teachers supporting you with guidance and feedback every step of the way.

I chose the name Venture English because of the feeling of ‘adventure’, ‘daring’ and ‘challenge’ that the word captures.  I have always been passionate about the adventure of learning and the thrill of daring to dive into new challenges.  Venture English embodies that passion.

So then, join Venture English to experience your language adventure!

 Lorna Lythgoe, founder of Venture English in Edinburgh