3rd June 2015


How long are you staying in Edinburgh?  What’s your budget?  Do you want to live alone or share with flatmates Edinburgh is a city with a lot of great accommodation choices, so where you stay or live depends on your preference and needs. We understand this, so we have researched the best options for you!


Venture English can arrange homestays with an independent host for students who want to study with us, typically for 1-8 weeks.

We have carefully chosen local hosts who are warm and friendly, close to school (5-30 minutes by bus or on foot) and have comfortable, pleasant homes where you can study, relax and socialise in English.

You can use the kitchen to prepare meals, chill out in the living room, have a hot shower day or night, access the internet via wifi, and practise your English with your host.

Prices for bed and breakfast with a local host start at £180 per week.  Our one-time fee for arranging your homestay is £35.

Arrange Your Own Accommodation

If you prefer to arrange your own accommodation, we have prepared this helpful guide to finding short- and long-term accommodation in Edinburgh to suit your budget:

Short-term Accommodation

Any Budget   *Recommended*

When we travel, we want accommodation that suits our budget and taste, so we always use Airbnb. With Airbnb, you can choose the kind of accommodation, place and price that suits you.

Smaller Budget

If you are staying short-term but prefer lower-cost accommodation, your best option is a hostel. Hostels are ideal for meeting new friends or for people traveling with family or friends. In many hostels you can cook, and some have their own coffee shops. Most of them are in city centre. Below are some links to begin with:

Medium-Higher Budget

If you plan a short language holiday, you can try any of the Guest Houses or Bed & Breakfasts around Edinburgh.  They offer a nice environment, comfort, WIFI and a very good breakfast to start your day with energy. You can choose based on prices or location. And for a comfortable stay, Edinburgh has plenty of hotels – some very luxurious and well-located. Here are some links to help you:

Long-term Accommodation

If your plans are to live in Edinburgh longer-term, start looking for a room now!  You can do it by yourself or use a letting agent.  The advantage of doing it by yourself is that you don’t pay any agency fees and there are more accommodation choices with excellent flatmates:)  A contract is usually a minimum of six months, but it’s possible to find a room for less time (often a ‘sub-let’).  Expect to pay about £350-450 per month for a double room in a nice flat, plus bills and council tax.  Great areas to live are: Bruntsfield, Marchmont and New Town, and cheaper areas are Polworth, Toll Cross and Leith.

The most popular websites are: