How To Choose An IELTS Course That Will Improve Your Score Quickly

Through my experience as an IELTS teacher at many different schools, I have learned 3 top things that students need to know before they choose their IELTS course.

1 – How many students are in the class?

Most language schools and IELTS courses in the UK are private businesses and therefore focused on profitability. In my early days as a new teacher I found myself teaching classes of 14 or 16 students, when the maximum on the school website was 12 students. This was often a stressful situation for both teacher and students as it became impossible to spend time with students individually and address their needs.

At Venture English we have a maximum of 6 students per class but an average of 4 so there is plenty of opportunity to have personalised support from your teacher.

2- What level are the other students?

A big challenge I have experienced when teaching IELTS is that many schools put students of very different levels in the same class. Some students need an IELTS score of 5 for a visa application while others needed a score of 7 for university. It is incredibly difficult to teach such varying levels, not to mention frustrating for the student to be in a class that is either too easy or too difficult.

At Venture English we aim for our students to reach a band 7. We therefore request that students who book can demonstrate they are at a band 6 level.

3- Does the teacher have any IELTS experience?

Although I LOVE teaching IELTS now, when I was a new teacher I had absolutely no idea what IELTS was. I was desperate for any teaching work so I accepted any classes that schools gave me. I found myself teaching students who had important goals of getting into university in the UK, or getting a job within their speciality, but I didn’t know how to teach the exam or what it was about. When I look back I realise what a disappointing experience this could have been for many motivated students.

If you need to quickly improve your IELTS score I strongly recommend searching for a school that has experienced IELTS teachers. They will know what is expected of you in the exam and how to help you get their in the quickest time possible.

At Venture English our IELTS teachers are highly trained and experienced while also being passionate about helping people achieve their dreams.

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