Life-after-English-lessons! What past students are doing now

Where are they now?

What our students are doing with their lives:)

As it’s Venture English’s 4th birthday this week, we were getting all nostalgic about all the amazing people we’ve worked with!

It got us thinking about what our past students are up to and how their lives have been changing, so we decided to ask them!  What they said was pretty impressive and definitely inspiring.  So, without further ado, let me introduce Garazi, Roger and Anita…

Garazi Ausin

Origin: Spain, Bilbao

Current location: India, Chennai

Course: Cambridge Advanced Preparation & Academic Writing

What are you doing these days?

I live in India as you know.  My internship is still ongoing.

I am working as a project manager for companies which are interested in coming to India and we provide services such as market research, potential clients/providers search, importers etc.

I live in the south west of India, in a city called Chennai. Here the Portuguese, Dutch and British made an important harbor and then industrialized the area. French also set up their colony not far from Chennai in a Union territory called Puducherry which still has many buildings and pastry shops remaining from those times. All these many cultures influence the languages that are spoken.

Weekends I spend my time travelling mostly in India, though sometimes I have the opportunity to travel to the neighboring countries, like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Singapore.

When do you use your English skills?

I live in English! Although my company is Spanish, I have to get in contact with Indians, and English is our mutual language.

Whenever I go travelling, partying or shopping, the common language is usually English. However, knowing some words and making sentences in the language of locals is always an enriching experience!!

Once the Indian experience is over I don’t know what I’ll do, but I am sure I will keep using English on a daily basis!

Roger Binder

Origin: Switzerland

Current location: Switzerland, Basel

Course: Cambridge Advanced Preparation & Business English

What are you doing these days?

I started a new part-time job in Quality Management at a hospital about six months ago. Also I am back at university, every Friday and Saturday, and hoping to get my master by 2020.

When do you use your English skills?

Well, I use my English at work. We have doctors from all over the world so that’s how we communicate. Also at university and every time I walk into a Irish bar …. so regularly;)

Anita Hung

Origin: Hong Kong

Current location: Edinburgh

Course: General English & IELTS Preparation

What are you doing these days?

I’m a mum!!  Our baby, Casey, is now 16 months old and I’m sure he’ll start speaking English soon.  It’ll be funny that he has a Scottish accent!  I’ve lived in Edinburgh for 4 years, and soon I want to start training as an accountant.  I’m about to go to Hong Kong for 6 weeks to see my family – I miss them a lot, and many of them have never been to Edinburgh.  I can’t wait to introduce them all to Casey!

When do you use your English skills?

I use English in daily life here in Edinburgh, and it’s going to become even more important when I go to college and then back to work.  My husband was born here but he speaks Cantonese, so we don’t use much English at home.  Once Casey is in nursery then school, I imagine I’ll be speaking English at home too, especially when his friends come over!

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