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Want to land a new job? It’s time to get out there to meet some people that can change your life!  Networking might seem awkward, and perhaps you worry that you’ll have to do a lot of small talk, but with our networking events best tips you’ll do great.  Trust me – networking will be worth it!

The maxim: “It’s more about who you know than what you know” is quite accurate when talking about Edinburgh. But don’t worry! Scots are very friendly and easy to talk to. Show them that you’re a fantastic individual and they’ll be keen to help you!

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Use these networking events best tips to land your dream job

  • Find activities that might be related to the job you want or the company you’re interested in working for (we’ve given some suggestions below), or hec… any activity that interests you!  You never know where you’ll meet your key contact, so get out there and see every event as a chance to network.
  • Be prepared. Make sure you know what the event is about and what you’re looking to get out of it.
  • Dress appropriately. No need to have a tie and tux, but make sure you’re dressed to impress (whether that’s smart-casual or Tivas and beanie). If in doubt, you can contact the event organiser to ask them if there’s a dress code.
  • Practise your handshake. Have a look at this short video about the do’s and don’ts of a perfect business handshake.
  • Business cards: If you already have business cards, use them during networking events and ask for other people’s. Make it casual though and choose your timing – no need to be an overly eager beaver.

(Note: If you don’t have any, some websites offer business cards at a very low rate with fantastic designs. A personal favourite is Moo)

  • Networking Events Best TipsPractise your introduction.  It might sound silly, but you need to be able to get the salient points across in under 20 seconds. So when someone asks you, ‘What do you do?’, if you’ve practised you won’t ramble. If they know someone looking for staff, your intro can trigger that memory. Keep it simple and natural.
  • Stories are easier to remember and people will remember you more if you share interesting stories.
  • Ask questions and listen more than you talk. They will appreciate it if you show interest in what they’re doing. They’re more likely to want to know about you in return.
  • Keep in touch.  If you meet someone worthwhile during an event, follow up by sending them an email and/or finding them on LinkedIn.
  • Be yourself and don’t overdo it. Don’t let your nerves take over –  relax and enjoy yourself!

Where to find the best networking events in Edinburgh

**Eventbrite features most of the networking events in Edinburgh**

Creative Mornings (FREE)

Monthly meetings with a different theme each time. Breakfast included

Short workshops:

Business Gateway Events (FREE)

Ideal for freelancers or startup owners

ConnectED (FREE)

Weekly, Every Tuesday, 8.30-10am

Edinburgh Young Professionals (FREE)

Workshops featuring subjects relevant to young professionals. Stay tuned as the events aren’t hosted at regular interval.

For women:

Edinburgh Businesswomen Club

Free drop-in coffee mornings every first Friday of the month from 10-12 at Eteaket on Frederick Street, but otherwise paid events

No Ties Networking

Monthly. Lunches usually last Thursday of the month, noon-2pm (pay for your own lunch)

Techies best events

Good at coding? There are many different events being hosted around town for techies, so have a browse and find the perfect event for you.

The great thing with moving to a different country is that you leave everything behind you. You can have a fresh start filled with exciting challenges.  Good luck in your job search!

If you’re looking for a casual way to meet new people, join us to our International potluck Christmas party on the 20th of December!!

Written by Judith Bellemare, Venture English

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