How to survive the Scottish winter!

Survive the Scottish winter this year!

Winter in Scotland is tough!  It gets dark at 3.30pm, and the sun doesn’t rise again till 8.45am, so you need to be prepared for the long nights and lack of sunshine.  And it can be rainy and dreary, so even the daytimes don’t give you the vitamin D and feel-good factor you so crave!

Not so keen on the idea of living in Edinburgh anymore?  Don’t worry!  We’re adapted to the climate, and you will too!  It’s such a beautiful, cosmopolitan and culturally-rich city, it’s worth it.

Four English learners from around the world who are living and working or studying in Edinburgh have some very useful tips to help you survive the Scottish winter.  Listen to their podcast below to make the best of your experience here.

Big thanks to Jisu, Izabela, Hadrien and Tina for creating this useful podcast about how to prepare for winter in Scotland this year.  Enjoy!

This podcast was created during our free English class – you’re welcome to join us next time!  And to learn and improve English, you can choose one of our regular group courses.

Free guide to living in Edinburgh

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Free guide to living in Edinburgh