English acting classes!

Performance workshops for international adults

Theatre Sans Accents, in association with Venture English, is offering you English acting classes this Autumn so that you can put your English language skills into practice through drama!

The performance workshops are available for international adults with an intermediate or advanced level of English.
Where: Tech Cube, Summerhall
Time: 18.30-20.30
When:  Thursdays, 14th September to 16th November

Price: Term (10 classes) £100 / Per class £12 (Students or bring-a-friend-along £80 per term or £10 per class)


Our classes promote cross cultural exchanges so no matter where you are from, take part and share your experience about English language and British culture. We will work towards expanding your understanding and use of British language whilst developing your communication and social skills in a language that isn’t your mother tongue. Scripts study, role-play, improvisation and drama games will help you to re-connect with Shakespeare’s tongue!


Reserve your place now:hello@theatresansaccents.co.uk

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