ASCUS Lab Open Sessions

ASCUS logoASCUS Lab Open Sessions are times when our Lab is open to anyone (artists, scientists or the general public) interested in creative experimentation using the tools of science. Open Sessions are self-led and are designed to provide space for participants to put new or existing lab skills into action. During these Open Sessions you will have access to lab bench space and specialist equipment, technician advise will be available but one-to-one training is only available outside of Open Session times.

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Need an induction first?

ASCUS labCertain skills are necessary to access our Open Sessions and use of our lab equipment, but you can attain these by attending one of our induction courses:

Price: £10
Schedule: 6pm every second Thursday (no booking required)

Are you interested in accessing our ASCUS Lab Open Sessions to work with microscopes? Never worked in a lab before? Then join us for our microscopy or culturing lab induction where you will receive an induction to safe working in ASCUS Lab followed by an introduction to our suite of microscopes getting you set up with all the information you need to access our Open Sessions to do your own independent microscopy in a supported and supervised environment.

For all ASCUS events, see the calendar.

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